meal plan for weight loss

Keto diet meal plan for weight loss

Losing weight, and finding the right diet, is not always easy. Maybe the KETO diet felt too complicated? Now Lovelyketo meal plan for weight loss is here, which should be easier to follow.

When the KETO diet became popular, many people were curious about the new low-carb diet, which is a variant of LCHF (Low Carb High Fat, that is, few carbohydrates, a lot of fat). Keto usually proposes that about 60-75 percent of a day’s calorie intake should come from fat, 15-30 percent from protein and 5-10 percent from carbohydrates.

In KETO you eat carbohydrates but a lot of fat and choose from pasta, bread and everything that contains sugar and eat more fatty food (with the right type of fats). But perhaps the diet felt a bit too complicated or tough to follow, because now more and more KETO followers are starting to switch to eating for a simpler variant.

The Keto diet is about burning more fat

To understand Lovelyketo meal plan for weight loss, we can first remind you of what KETO means. When you eat after KETO, it is, as I said, about eating very little carbohydrates but the more fat, which means that the body is also powered by fat. So we use fat as energy. And if we want to lose weight, it’s often the fat we want to burn.

One advantage of the KETO diet could be that you stay full of what you eat for a long time. One disadvantage that you may have harder to get in you, for example, vitamins and fibre through the relatively strict diet, you do not follow the National Food Agency’s recommendations on what we should eat during a day when you follow the diet. It is therefore important to choose the right food on each plate.

How ketosis affects metabolism

When you pull down heavily on carbohydrates, your body needs to get fuel for muscles, and the brain, somewhere else from. Fatty substances become so-called ketone substances that are used instead, we enter a state called ketosis. We can end up in ketosis if we fast for a long time, or starve, and then metabolism can drop. But by eating itself full, the metabolism is still kept up in the KETO diet.

You can lose weight with Lovelyketo

If it’s a weight loss you’re looking for, it might take a little longer with Lovelyketo compared to regular KETO.

However, it may be easier to stick to  Lovelyketo meal plan for weight loss longer, as you don’t have to be quite as strict with how you eat. Weight loss also requires, of course, that you do not eat too many calories per day and also that you choose the right type of food. Is the weight loss you’re looking for with the KETO method so watch out with, for example, potatoes, pasta, rice, starch-rich fruits and vegetables, sweet fruits like banana.

But most importantly, when looking to lose weight is to choose a healthy and sustainable diet for you, which you think is easy to follow and suits your everyday life. So you don’t give up because it’s complicated but can make a sustainable change.

Please note! Ketogenic diet is not suitable for everyone. If you are not fully healthy, consult your doctor before trying.

You’ll Get Your Custom Keto meal plan for weight loss for Less Than 10% of What You Would Normally Pay Having a personalized nutrition plan created just for you. If you go to a nutritionist, you’ll pay around $100 for your initial meeting and an average of $400 per month for modifications and check-ins. So, for a 4-week nutrition plan, expect to pay around $500.

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28-Day Keto Diet Plan

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