Keto lifestyle blog

Keto lifestyle blog

Most people have dreamed, dreamed, and dreamed of losing weight. But why are few successes in this area?

Little useful information on the subject, difficulty in limiting nutrition, lack of motivation, financial difficulties, health problems, etc. are the main causes of the lack of positive results, most of which are often excuses for not doing so.

There are many diets. Some are effective, others less, but all are based on the principle of weight loss: creating a calorie deficit. You have to consume more calories than you get. How to create such a deficit? First, it is a physical activity, secondly, it is a corresponding reduction in the amount of calories consumed, and the amount of food in your diet becomes significantly less.

One of the most effective is the keto diet, which was promoted by Wins Gironde in the 60s. What is its feature? Almost completely excluding carbohydrates, eating large amounts of fats and proteins, a special system of restructuring of the body.

28-Day Keto Diet Plan

Will such a diet really suit you?

And the main thing is to take careless myself, thinking that “I just have to lose them x kg, then everything will return to normal rails. Then I’ll try to eat better”. It’s the biggest self-sweaking. Why? Because you’ll have to maintain your new weight. If you start eating as before, you‘ll get to where you’re today. If you think you‘ll eat better, why don’t you do it today?

That is why we have to think of something that works today, will work tomorrow, and in 5 years’ time.

My answer is simple — a balanced diet, good eating habits, and an orderly lifestyle ( read more about keto lifestyle here) . And you don’t have to become a cyborg or a superman. They are all simple, common habits. Just like in a piano, you’ll train for as long as you get there. Also with eating things. There are habits that are worth learning because they help not to eat, control the desire for sweets, and other major stumbling blocks on the way to a more slim body.

In conclusion about keto lifestyle:

The keto diet is valued very controversially. Supporters of the classical nutrition pyramid and nutrition school criticize it and even mock it, but there are enough doctors and scientists who, however, are not so categorically inclined and recognize its benefits.

Of course, it seems very strange and internally unacceptable, of course, when we hear that “fat should be eaten”, but in fact it is not as terrible as it sounds. A person who doesn’t even think about his diet eats much healthier than a keto dieter.

Are there many people who, for example, enjoy green leaf salads with cheese, lean meat and olive oil for lunch and choose seeds and nuts for the afternoon snacks? Rather, a proper portion of potatoes, meat and a bit of salad is convicted, followed by an afternoon pastry or similar (because the sugar level fluctuates constantly and “requires still”) and in the evening beer with garlic toasts or pizza. Is that better? Rather not. Simply more common and therefore more acceptable.

Keto diet regimen initially appears to be scary as well as restrictive, as well as expensive, yet the portions and also meal frequency decreases as food is nourishing and nourishing. Spending on snacks is also falling.

A huge minus, of course, is the exclusion of many products from the diet. In this way, liquids and essential vitamins and minerals are not consumed in sufficient quantities. Also, the social context should be taken into account, because the success of any diet or plan is guaranteed only by the ability to adhere to it for a long time.

If a person has to go to the parties with his salmon and in summer should swallow saliva during the strawberry while others feast with juicy berries, it will be difficult to stick to this type of keto lifestyle. Consequently, talking about long-term success and good results will be difficult.

Excess fat can be lost in different ways, much determined by our own habits, attitudes, lifestyles, and even as if trivial skill as slow eating and recognizing hunger.

Therefore, I call not to seek salvation in diets but to work with your habits. Recognize excess calories in everyday life and learn to live in a way that fits your lifestyle with energy

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